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WIFI HACK | The software can break any password

WIFI HACK | The software can break any password

world we live now is a comprehensive package
of technology and its successor, the Internet.
Origin of the internet has brought the
whole world under one’s eye. The internet is
everything now, and one needs to pay for it,
though. Worthy things never come for free at
times. But the internet can be made accessible
for free sometimes. One way of using
the free internet is using the unencrypted
Wifi network obtainable in the nearby location
such as in cafe, railway station and other public
places. Know here how to Hack Wifi Password Online.

The other technique is by using the secured
and encrypted Wifi internet access. The name
encryption denotes the protection given to the
Wifi network regarding username and a
password. No issues when both the username
and password is identified. What if you don’t
have any of the things? No concerns. Hack the
Wifi network with password hacking software.

WiFi Password Hacker Online Software


Password Hacker Online

Of course, this article would deal
eventually about the hacking. One could totally
enjoy the internet without paying a single buck
with Wifi password hacking software for PCs. It
is assured you have the internet connection in
the form of encrypted Wifi and not able to
utilize the Internet over that
network. The problem sensed in using
the encrypted Wifi network is the password.
Only the genuine user knows the password of
that particular system such that providing
security from unauthorized user access to that
network. Technology always offers a solution
for any problem and for here with hacking.

Definition of Hacking

Hacking is the key to use the internet for
free from the secured network. i.e., an
unauthorized process that abolishes the security
of any wireless local area network, Wifi. The
person involved in the hacking movement is
called as a hacker. Any Wifi network can be
easily hacked with two points that include weak
encryption and configuration.

If the configuration of that specific network
is weak, then that network can be easily hacked.
Poor configuration transpires as a result of the
network admin’s irresponsibility in not providing
a stronger password without the security
settings and the use of default configuration.
Encryption issues comprise the security keys
used to protect the network such
as WEP and WPA.

WiFi Password Hacker Online – Wireless
Network Encryption:


Any hacking process desires to cross the
boundary of network encryption to use the
internet for free. Encryption is nothing but the
password given to the system to defend the
illegal internet usage. The password must be
hacked or cracked (i.e. password must be found
out) which is the first necessity of the hacking.
However, numerous frames have to be crossed
before finding the password. Encryption falls
under three classifications WEP, WPA and

Any system can be protected with any of
the authentications or encryption approaches.
They differ concerning how strong the
encryption wall is.

1. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

WEP is the encryption standard accessible
for the wireless network protection initially.
Intended for IEEE 802.11 WLAN. Any network
with WEP security can be hacked effortlessly
within few minutes with the correct
configuration. It is the weakest form of
authentication or encryption delivered for a
wireless network. WEP works by encrypting the
data conveyed over the network.

2. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

Due to the great errors and vulnerabilities
in WEP made the system user opt for WPA. In
this technique, security is high. But if the
password falls diminutive, then hacking is
easy. WPA uses pre-shared sources. Several
tools are available for hacking.

3. Wi-Fi Protected Access2 (WPA2)

WPA2 got established due to the
vulnerabilities in WPA and to improve the
security further. It is the most used encryption
technique for any wireless network since
indulging in hacking such system is a complex
task. WPA2 with Advanced Encryption
Standards (AES) makes the security tougher. It
customs a pre-shared key or a passphrase. The
network with WPA2 security receipts much time
to be hacked. Hacking can be done at the time
of packets produced from the Wifi access

WiFi Password Hacker Online Hacking

Hacking is neither a one step procedure nor
it is simple. Any hacker necessitates an
extended knowledge in hacking
methods. There are many approaches
and ways available for hacking a secured Wifi
network. Even software’s are accessible to hack
the security of the system. The list of most
usually used hacking methods to hack or crack
any authenticated wireless network is given.

Dictionary Attack: In this method, thousands of
words with likely potentials from the dictionary
will be matched to decrypt the password.
Security can be hacked within little seconds if
the passphrase is only alphabets.
    Since it is the user prefers
simple passphrase to remember.

Brute Force Attack: It is comparable to the
Dictionary attack added the advantage of
searching for the password from outside the
dictionary. I.e. alphanumeric options. Brute
force technique takes little more time to hack
the password.

Rainbow Table Attack: In this method, pre-computed
hash tables will be selected to check for the
passphrase. Passwords get deposited in a
database in any system. Another database will
be produced, and the password will be found
out by this method. It drafts for the commonly
used passwords in both the database. When a
match is found, then it is the password of that
particular secured network.

Phishing: Communication through the
electronic medium to get the password is
Phishing. I.e. a mail or message send to the
user such that requesting for their personal
details to fill in for a fake website. Those
websites have relations to sites with malware. It
is still the most prevalent way to steal the

Social Engineering: It uses one individual acting for a
telephone call from in the name of an
unidentified person or company asking for your
details. It is not only used in hacking but also for
numerous purposes.

Malware:  Malware installs a key
logger or screen scraper that accounts all the
things you type or take screen shots and
forwards a copy to the hacker.

Spidering: The
passwords of most organizations would
transmit to their company information that
would be available on the company websites.
Information taken from there will do dictionary
and brute force attack.

Guess: Sometimes the user would not
have altered the default password provided by
the network or use some simple passwords.
With a guess, security can be hacked.

WiFi Password Hacker Online Software-An


There are several methods available for
hacking a secured Wifi network and some
commonly used methods are stated above. All
these need a deep knowledge. However, there is
a substitute method available called the
password hacking software tools. The password
hacking software is developed solely for
hacking. It is the easiest mode to hack the
system’s password. The software can break any
password quickly without any hassle such that
permitting you to enter into any authenticated
wireless network. The proficiency of the
software lies in its access towards the password
breaking. The password hacking software works
for any kind of encryption provided for the
network such as WEP, WPA or WPA2. The
software is free to use after downloaded. So
now anyone can use unlimited internet with
hacking software with not wasting much of the
time in using the hacking methods.

Key Features of WiFi Password Hacker
Online Software for PC

  • The Wifi password hacker
    is a free apparatus to
    decrypt any secure Wifi network.
  • The password hacker software is a virus free
  • The password hacker software works on all
    types of operating systems.
  • Decreases the time to crack any passphrase
    of the available network that requires
  • User-friendly design and interface
    permitting the user to hack any system without
    any hassle.
  • Any quantity of secured Wifi networks could
    be hacked with this software.
  • The software does not show your identity to
    the owner of the network you hacked.
  • The software does not need its user
    to have knowledge about ethical hacking.


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