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Tool Encrypt HTML - Layanan Gratis Untuk Para Blogger

You can copy and paste this with your old source code.

If you have sensitive information on your website that is subject to unauthorized use, you need to encrypt it! For your convenience, we have placed our popular HTML encryption utility online. It's fast, safe, and very easy to use! This utility will encrypt your HTML source code to prevent others from viewing it or copying it. The encrypted HTML code will work exactly like the original, including any CSS styling, scripts, etc. Please feel free to use this utility free of charge and recommend it to your friends and associates. This HTML Encryption utility will:
  • Protect your HTML source code, scripts, etc. from unauthorized copying.
  • Protect your affiliate links from hijacking (which costs you your hard-earned commissions).
  • Prevent email harvesting robots from extracting your email address from your web pages and adding you to a SPAM list.
Directions for using the encryption utility:
  1. Make a backup copy of your original HTML source file. You'll need to keep an un-encrypted copy in order to make changes to the HTML in the future.
  2. Paste the HTML code that you wish to encrypt into the box below. This can be an entire web page, an email address, a link, a script, or pretty much anything that you can put on a web page!
  3. Click the "Encrypt HTML" button.
  4. Click the "Select And Copy" button. This automatically copies the encrypted HTML code to the clipboard for you.
  5. If you find our HTML Encryption utility useful, please consider linking to us from your website. Click here for linking information. Thank you very much!

Insert your HTML code to encrypt:
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