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Launched a new Opera Mini for Android devices 2.3 and higher

Opera Could be Your Favorite Browser

Opera is an excellent browser, loved by those who use it. It's not only a Web browser, but an entire Internet suite, known for offering more features than you could possibly know what to do with. It was among the first to include tabbed browsing and advanced bookmarks and search bars, but the browser also bundles its own chat and e-mail client, as well as additional features few other browsers have, like mouse gestures and file sharing.
Despite its many features, Opera has a meager market share, similar to Apple's Safari--even though many people who try it out quickly become devout fans. If you've never tried Opera, now is a great time. Version 10.5 was released on March 2 of this year, and it brought some unique features like standalone widgets and new Javascript engine for extreme speed. Our list of tips and tricks will help you get the most out of all of the features Opera offers.

Today, we launched a new Opera Mini for Android devices 2.3 and higher, with a native look and feel, tailor-made for Android.
To help you quickly jump in to your new Opera Mini browser, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the switchover.

How do I upgrade my Opera Mini browser?

To get your hands on your brand new Opera Mini, head on to Google Play Store.
If you wait, you’ll start to see some messages asking you to upgrade while you browse, so we think it’s best you jump straight in to make sure you get the best browsing experience!

What will happen to all my saved data?

So long as you’re using the most recent version of Opera Mini (7.6.5), all your data will be migrated into the new version after start up. Easy peasy.
You can see which version you have by scrolling to the bottom of the settings menu. If you upgrade from an older version, you risk losing some of your data. So, be sure to check!

I accidentally upgraded from an older version of Opera Mini and all my saved data is missing! What can I do?

Fear not! All is not lost. To retrieve your data, go to your Google Play app and tap My Installed Apps. There you will see you still have access to the original Opera Mini you were using. You should be prompted to upgrade to the latest version. Once you have done so, you will be able to switch over to the new Opera Mini where you will be asked to migrate all your saved data.

I’m using Opera Mini beta, how do I upgrade to the stable version?

At some point your device should notify you that you can upgrade the app or, better yet, you can jump right in through the app store or download Opera Mini directly from Opera.

What if I don’t want to use this new version? What if my device doesn’t support it?

No worries, you can still download previous versions. Those running Android versions 2.2 and lower can still download the previous version of Opera Mini. Although the older versions won’t be actively developed, we’ll keep making sure they are secure to use for you.
Of course, if you can upgrade to the latest version, you should check it out! We think it’s pretty neat and the best way to make sure you’re getting the best browsing experience.

How can I get the most out of using my Opera Mini?

Read more about Opera Mini in this handy little FAQ. Of course, if you still have questions, you can drop by the Opera forums or say hello on Facebook and Twitter. And, as always, let us know what you think!

Opera Mini has been a great web browser ever since it was first released in 2005.
The normal mode consumes a bit more data than Chrome’s Data saver,  but, the extreme mode crushes the competition with its 80%+ Data savings. Here are some of the best Opera Mini tips and tricks to make sure that you use the browser at its best.

Block Ads to reduce Data Usage

Opera Mini is one of a few web browsers that come with a built in ad blocking. Blocking aads makes sense as Ads consume too much bandwidth and also may drag down the performance of your device. To block ads on your phone, simply launch Opera Mini and do to Menu> Data Savings.
from here, scroll down to a toggle labelled Block Ads.
enable ad blocker in opera mini
Enable Ad blocking in Opera Mini
From here you can easily enable and disable ads. As of now, there is no way you can white-list domains so remember to toggle it off if you want to support the site you are visiting.

Remove (almost) All Ads From New Tab Page

By default, Opera Shows you a list of trending news and articles on your new tab page. However, these are filled with ads and sponsored content. These consume Bandwidth and may look annoying to you, luckily, you can turn this off completely and switch to older Speed Dial screen which shows you a grid of your pinned sites.
Even speed dial occasionally will add links to some sponsored sites, but it is much less distracting than the other arrangement.
To apply this Opera Mini Trick, go to Menu> Settings and then tap on Advance.
On the next screen, Tap on Start Page Content and select Speed Dial Only from the popup.
remove ads from new tab
Enabling Speed Dial Only New Tab

Turn Off Facebook Notifications

This may probably be the most annoying feature of Opera Mini, once you have logged-in to Facebook using the browser, Opera Mini sends you push notifications on your notification drawer from the social network.
It is enabled by default and if you also have Facebook installed on your phone, receiving to notifications about same event can get pretty annoying.
stop Facebook notification
To turn this off, go to Menu > Settings and tap on Facebook Notifications.
on the next screen, un-check the first check box to toggle the notifications off.

Switch to Single Column View

If your phone has small screen, browsing a website that is not optimized for small screen can get quite uncomfortable. In these situations, you can switch to single column view.
After turning it on, the sites are loaded and showed in a single column so you wont have to scroll horizontally.
To do this, go to Menu > Settings > Page Layout and tap on Single Column View.
keep in mind that some sites may not work properly.

Download large files only on WiFi

Mobile network operators are usually more expensive than wireless broadband connections and if you have got one on home or office, it may make more sense for you to download large files on those network as it will cost you less than downloading the file directly through the mobile network provider, not to mention that it can also result in an exhausted monthly data allowance.
luckily, there is a neat opera mini trick that lets you postpone download until you are connected to a WiFi network.
To enable it, go to Menu > Settings and tap on Downloads.
from this screen, select Large Downloads and tap on Always Ask or Wait for WiFi.

Lower the Image Quality to Save Data

Images are usually the biggest data consuming elements, some pages are entirely made using images and if you are low on data, loading all these images in the highest quality can cause the data to consume faster than ever.
To minimize data usage, you can lower image quality and even turn it off altogether. to do this, go to Menu > Data Savings and tap on Images on the next screen.
From the next popup, you can select any image quality that you want.


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