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How does a company begin without investor capital, yet build a platform to rival the tech giants?

It first builds a culture optimized for innovation – in the community of users (citizens) and employees alike. Watch how the empowr culture was created

Democracy means listening to customers: Nearly all of empowr's ideas and inventions stemmed from ideas provided by the empowr community.

How does empowr's innovation measure up to that of Google, Apple, Microsoft and IBM? View comparison wapmild

"It is virtually impossible to monetize social media without violating empowr's patents" said patent expert Joseph Agiato.

IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, eBay, Vodafone, AT&T and many others agree – citing empowr's patents in their own recent filings. Which other companies name empowr's patents in their own patent filings

Crypto currencies like bitcoin are virtual currencies.

empowr invented virtual currency.

Says who? Says the United States government. View empowr's patent issued by the United States Patent Office.

So why did empowr invent virtual currency? To enable buying and selling – a necessity for any economy.

Remember, empowr is a democratic social economy.

Learn how virtual currency is utilized in the empowr economy

Before the world went fully mobile, empowr invented transactions over mobile devices. See how and why

View empowr's U.S. patent for transactions over mobile devices

How do application developers participate in building the empowr economy?

By building apps that generate transactions.

That's why the empowr community came up the original idea of enabling third party developers to launch apps in a social network. View U.S. patent

Or watch documentary

After inventing social apps and virtual currency, it made sense to invent transactions within apps.

View U.S. patent for this important innovation

Democratization means we listen better.

empowr's pace of innovation is increasing, because the number of ideas from the empowr community is growing.

Just imagine all the ideas and products that – together - we'll come up with next!

Economy for the 21st century

Technology provides an opportunity to produce a new economy, built for the digital age, including blockchain technologies.

empowr is guided by some of the world's leading thinkers in economics:

A fair democracy begins with the idea that everyone deserves a good starting point in life.

The moment you join empowr, you can start earning immediately, with the skills and abilities you currently have.

Social media platforms have nothing without the posts from their customers.

Indeed, thanks to those posts, those companies generate billions in revenues and wealth for company owners and founders.

So why are their users not compensated for their efforts?

In empowr, you earn every time your status updates, blog posts, photos or videos are Liked.

In empowr, you can offer virtually any product or service, and everything you need is provided to you:

  • Sell any product, service or digital content
  • Share or access (use, not buy) products
  • Arrange transport of goods with one click
  • Offer goods via auction or fixed price
  • Bill customers a one-time charge or monthly recurring price
  • Built-in credit card, PayPal and empowr currency processing and micro-billing
  • Have customers start an auction within a photo with one click
  • Have customers bid or buy from within a blog post
  • Have customers bid or buy from within an advertisement
  • Have customers bid or buy from within a social networking feed story
  • Have customers buy and then immediately resell a product or service for a profit without taking possession of the item
  • Free customer service, 7 days/week
  • Free fraud blocking
  • Free dispute management
  • Free reputation management
  • A dependable flow of customers, that have available funds to spend, via the trust flow

Earn by transporting products or people*

Tomorrow's generation will only be as good as today's teachers are.

That's why empowr invests heavily in its educators, called "Success Coaches".

Today, there are nearly 1,000 coaches speaking 45 languages in 72 countries,

You can be a success coach too, as soon as you achieve the Orange Star Power Level.

When you "Like" something that someone is selling, and that causes a fan or friend of yours to purchase, you earn!

That's called promoting.

Got an idea for an app?

By launching your app in empowr, you gain access to an audience that are all earning, and have funds that they can spend right now, with just one click!


Thanks to the empowr platform's technology + human logistics, it is now possible for humanity to have all the prosperity it wants and yet still live in a sustainable manner. Watch concept video

But does all of humanity have the understanding and motivation required to achieve sustainability?

We believe that, as the sharing of everything is enabled around the world, everyone can and will have everything they want or need - in their hands within minutes - for virtually free.

As a result, most of humanity will participate in sustainability for its convenience and richness of experience - and without necessarily understanding the reasons behind sustainability.

Watch how Everything, Fast and Free works

empowr coin distribution

empowr won't be taking the funds from the sale of the empowr cryptocurrency and trying to build something from scratch, hoping to invent new products and technologies.

The empowr cryptocurrency isn't an investment; it's a purchase of a product that is developed and has immediate utility in the empowr platform which its users (called citizens) already love and demand.

The empowr cryptocurrency is a utility coin that can be immediately used to purchase any of hundreds of thousands of products and services available in the empowr marketplace.

Most companies that conduct Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) first attempt to attract "whales" before selling their coins to everyday consumers.

Whales are large investors that are given massive (up to 90%) discounts on the price of the coin, which helps the company create a sense of demand, excitement and hype around the coin – resulting in a fear of missing out in consumer buyers.

Then, just as unsuspecting consumers, who hear about the demand and "excitement" around the coin, rush to buy it, the whales dump their coins – leaving consumers with economic loss.

The result is often that:

  • the company selling the coin raises millions
  • the whales walk away with quick millions in profits
  • the consumers that purchased the coins are left economically harmed

Clearly, this approach is a non-starter for empowr – since the empowr community was built on trust.

Instead of selling coins, empowr is giving away 1 billion coins to its community that has been working – for nearly 2 decades - for the success of the empowr mission.

Anyone that contributed to the success of the empowr community, mission and/or product, is eligible to claim their share of the 1 billion coins.

Any unclaimed coins will be auctioned off the empowr community.

empowr is choosing to conduct an auction approach that assures:

1. Everyone bidding in the same time period gets the same price

2. No whales

3. The price for everyone will be the lowest (as opposed to the highest) bid placed by all bidders that win coins in the auction

When you receive your coins (after the auction ends) you'll be able to immediately spend your coins in the empowr marketplace.

The coins are intended to be used solely within the empowr ecosystem and in connection with its services, and empowr will not support or otherwise facilitate any secondary trading or external valuation of coins.

This restricts the contemplated avenues for using coins to the provision or receipt of empowr services, and could therefore create illiquidity risk with respect to the coins you own. Even if secondary trading of coins is facilitated by third party exchanges, such exchanges may be relatively new and subject to little or no regulatory oversight, making them more susceptible to fraud or manipulation.

Furthermore, to the extent that third-parties do ascribe an external exchange value to coins (e.g., as denominated in a digital or fiat currency) such value may be extremely volatile and diminish to zero.

Finally, empowr's coins will initially be stored in its databases, and its current transition plans are for the coins to be stored on a blockchain or similar more transparent cryptographic platform. However, no warranties can be made that such transition will be take place or be successful. By purchasing or acquiring coins, you expressly acknowledge these facts and assume these risks.

First mover advantage

empowr invented virtual currency and has the most knowledge, tools, product features and experience around creating and sustaining demand for virtual currency.

empowr also has a large and rapidly growing community that’s focused on creating and sustaining demand for its virtual currency.

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