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Mini Militia Sniper Lobby Mod 4.1.2 (All Weapon Sniper, One Shot Kill, Zoom Hack, Unlimited Ammo, Nitro & Bomb)

Mini Militia Sniper Lobby Mod 4.1.2 (All Weapon Sniper, One Shot Kill, Zoom Hack, Unlimited Ammo, Nitro & Bomb)

These days, it is hard to find a mini militia hack that includes all the features of other popular hacks.

Sniper mod

Due to it contains almost every hack feature that has all type of mod packed in one apk, this mod is known as Sniper Lobby Mod APK.

Either you will find a one-shot kill or Another mod which lacks some features according to your need. You will never find a perfect mod which has all the features you like. So you will end up playing a mod you don’t like.

So today we unveil our newest mod that features almost every hack that has ever been made. This mod is updated to latest mini militia version 4.1.2.


Why Download Mini militia Sniper Lobby Mod?

This mod is one of the most popular mods among mini militia mod users. People just download it for fun not to play on a daily basis.

You might not know that the most of the players who use the hacked game of mini-militia, 60% of them use the one shot kill mod apk.

If you are using any other mods of mini militia than you will know that the after some time eventually you get bored of the simple click and kill gameplay. It is not as exciting as before when it was new so you would enjoy it so much.

This mod is very similar to the original version despite some new hacked features so you will have to play really carefully and aim perfectly to kill enemies before they kill you, so will enjoy your game to the fullest.

Other than that because of undetectable nature of this mod in the custom game mode, this is best-downloaded mod ever in history mini militia mods.

I like to troll people in the game using mods like this. You should try it too. Try this once and then you’ll just love this mod.


Is this hack worth using?

Why not! I don’t see any problem with that. The new players who don’t know anything about the game will enjoy this hack.

Simply they don’t know how to kill, what to do. But after using this mod they get to know all of this and they become professionals. Isn’t it fun though, the other players are desperately trying to kill you. They try so hard but they are powerless.

I would suggest you not to spam this game. Otherwise, the game will become boring as hell.

Features Of this Mini Militia Sniper Lobby Mod.

Sniper Lobby Mod : All Default weapons will be the sniper.

One shot kill: Fire just one bullet at your enemy and the next second he will be gone. Kill your enemies with one bullet.

ZOOM 7X: This is pretty basic and primary feature in all mini militia mod as no one can play without this, because without this feature you can’t find your enemy far from you.

No Reload: Fire continuously at your enemy without worrying about the reloading your gun.

Respawning time 0: After you die you will be respawned immediately so you will not have to long boring 7 seconds everytime you die.

Radar Everywhere: Chase your enemies to the far end of the map using this feature. In this feature, the red arrow will point to your enemy so you can track him down very easily.

Unlimited Ammo: With the unlimited bullets fire ceaselessly at your enemy.

Unlimited Nitro: Touch the unlimited heights of the sky in mini militia using this feature.

Free Pro Pack: In this mod, we have added the free pro pack for you so you will be able to unlock new features, will be able to pick up dual weapons during online mode and so many cool new features will comes with it.


How to install mini militia Sniper Everywhere Mod apk 4.1.2.

Most of the players stuck at the installation procedure of this mod.

If you are having a similar problem then follow the steps given below.

  1. First thing first. If you have any version of mini militia installed currently on your device, uninstall it. No matter if it is a mod or original version.
  2. One piece of advice for you. If you are installing an old version of mini militia on new version the installer will display an error every time you try to install it. In order to install the old version, you have to uninstall the previous one.
  3. Clear cache memory and junk files.
  4. Install the mod from this page.
  5. Run the mod.
  6. If the game asks you to update the game, don’t do it. If you will update the game then the mod will be gone.
  7. Enjoy your mod.

Another thing I would like to mention is that to access unlimited gas bombs you will have to first purchase one bomb from the store then it will be unlimited.

To purchase items from the store for free we have added some battle points in this mod. This battle point is limited, so spend it wisely to purchase items.

The store contains some items which we have already added so you don’t have to purchase that one, instead choose the items which we haven’t added yet.

In case if you have accidentally purchased the wrong item you can sell it and gain your points and use that to buy another item.

Some players don’t know how to buy items from the store, so here’s a quick guide for them.

About Store items.

All store items will be unlocked but for that to happen you will have to do a simple thing.

Due to some technical issues, we have not been able to unlock store items but instead, we added some battle points so you can purchase items from the store for free.

Please note that the battle points are limited so spend it wisely. keep in mind that in this mod we have not added features unlimited nitro or jetpack, unlike other mods.

By purchasing items from the store you will get an upper hand in combat because that item gives you little more nitro, fast reloading, extended mag etc.

The battle points are indicated by green numbers at bottom left corner in the store menu.

So the players who don’t how to purchase items from the store then hers’s a quick guide for them.

  1. First of all open, the Pro pack activated mod downloaded from this website.
  2. Like I said in the installation procedure the game will ask you update the game, never do it.
  3. Go to the settings tab.
  4. The first option will be a store.
  5. Click on any items you wish to buy and then equip button will appear. Click on that.
  6. Then the item will be purchased.
  7. Repeat the above step to purchase any other item.
  8. Enjoy your mod with store items.

Note: The points are limited so spend it wisely and can’t actually buy all the items. One or two items are going to left because you won’t enough points. But don’t worry the left items will be not much use to you believe me. And if you have bought any items accidentally you can actually sell it and earn back points.

And if you have already bought any items then there will be a ‘Sell’ button instead of ‘Equip’ button so keep that in mind.

More about Mini militia 4.1.2

This is the latest version of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia. So many new cool features have been included in this game. The coolest of them is CTF game mode.

Other than that new map and guns are also added in this version. If you haven’t tried it yet go and download this hack now.

Also in this latest version, they changed the whole look and graphics of the game, personally I don’t like it. So if you don’t like it too then we have added other versions too. The link is given below.


Quick tips for Mini militia Sniper Lobby Mod APK 4.1.2.

Try to play in quick play mode because in that mode no one will be able to ban you and other players who will be playing with you in that mode will also be using hacked version because mini militia can detect the hacked version and you will be forced to play in QP-Mod server in which all the players uses the hacked version.

And it is obvious that if you will play in custom games the other players will ban for sure because some of them may not be using the hacked version, but if you want to play in custom games you can try the only one shot kill. No one will be able to tell if you are using a mod version.

Is this the best mod out there?

Definitely not. There are far better mods available then this on our website. The thing is, this mod isn’t so much just a regular mod.

If you are a new player or kind of player which has not played any modded version of mini militia yet then you are going to love this mod for sure.

But for players who have played many modded versions, I would suggest you play the death sprayer mod which is just awesome.

Bottom line.

Try this Mini Militia Sniper Lobby Mod once and share your experience of using this mod in the comment section. It has a whole lot of cool new features and has so much to offer.

In my opinion, there are some other mods too which is exciting as hell. You might not like it that much, but after some time you will love this mod.

You may be surprised here that we have added around 120+ mods on this site. I am putting the link of those mods below. Check it out.

So in the end, there is just one word for this mod. Fantabulous. Try it yourself.

We have tested this mod very thoroughly in many devices and it is working perfectly. But if you run into any problems during installation or gameplay just let us know in the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Download Mod. 👈Langsung disini.


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